Xilisoft AVI to DVD Converter FAQ

General questions:

  • Q1: Is it possible to get more information about the loaded video besides title, resolution?

    A: Open "Tools -> Preferences..." -> select which items you would like to see in the program.
  • Q2: Why I was told the burning cannot be finished because there is not enough free space on my 4.7GB DVD disc since I just load totally 3GB files?

    A: Generally speaking, after your video files are burned onto standard DVD--so you can play the final disc on your TV's DVD player--the content on the disc will get larger than the original video files. Please note what capacity bar at the bottom shows the final output size, and if it appears green and red color, it means that you still can finish burning but some contents maybe lost.
  • Q3: Is it possible to adjust the sequence of the titles?

    A: There are two buttons on the main interface, "Up" and "Down". Highlight the loaded file that you wish to move then click on the "Up" or "Down" button.
  • Q4: What kind of DVD disc does your program support? And how about RAM disc or double-layer disc?

    A: Our software can support DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW. If the RW disc that you use is not empty, our software will erase the entire content on the disc, after notifying you and before the burn process starts. Presently, the software does not support RAM disc or dual-layer.
  • Q5: Can I get an ISO file with your program? And how?

    A: After your video files are loaded into the program, highlight the file you want to burn, and select "Savd as image(.iso)..." from the "Destination" drop-down list, finally click the big "Start Burn" button at the right bottom.
  • Q6: What does "Temp Folder" mean?

    A: During the burn process, our software needs some free space on your hard drive to save the temp contents before they are burned onto DVD. In the default mode, all the temp contents will be deleted automatically after the burning is finished. The message you received merely informs you that the current folder you select for temp file is not empty, containing files or sub-directories. If you confirm the message that our program shows, the files and sub-directories in this folder will be deleted. Before clicking "Yes", make sure none of those files or folders are of any use to you.
  • Q7: Why the program told me there's not enough disc space for temp files after I click the red burn button? And how to correct it?

    A: Open "Tools -> "Preferences..." then select another directory for "Temp". Maybe the current directory which you wish to use does not have enough free space for your burn project. Generally speaking, you should select a drive with at least has 3 GB of free space for burning.
  • Q8: What does "Save as DVD Folder..." mean?

    A: It is an output form for your newly created DVD. If you use the "Save as DVD Folder...", you will get two folders in the output directory that you set, "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS". In the "VIDEO_TS" folder, you will find VOB files, IFO files and BUP files, etc. They will form a standard DVD. So you can burn it in the future in the case that you have no disc at hand.
  • Q9: The created DVD is playable well by certain player on my PC, but failed to be played on my DVD Player. Why?

    A: Open "Tools" -> "Preferences..." and check which playback mode you need, PAL or NTSC. The format must be the same as the settings of the stand-alone DVD Player that you are using. If the formats are not the same, it will not be able to play the DVD you burned. Consult DVD player's manual to which formats it supports.
  • Q10: My original video is in 16:9. But after burning, I got 4:3. How can I correct it?

    A: The output video aspect setting option can be found in the "Tools" -> "Preferences...". The default one is 4:3 (letterbox). If you want 16:9, select it in the list.
  • Q11: Is it possible to improve the final burning quality?

    A: Open "Tools" -> "Preferences..." then select "High" for the video setting. The default setting is "Medium". The output DVD quality will be better if you select "High".
  • Q12: Is it possible to edit the final disc volume?

    A: Yes. You can modificate the volume name in the "DVD Name" text box at the bottom of main interface before burning.
  • Q13: What can I do when the program shows "Failed to open DVD Drive" during the burning process?

    A: Your original files might be very high in quality, with a high bit-rate value. In such situations, the burning cannot be completed if you still set "High" in "Tools" -> "Preferences...". Try using the default setting of "Medium".