Xilisoft MP4 Converter FAQ

General questions:

  • Q1: Compared with previous version, what new functions are added in the version 5?

    A: Compared with version 3, version 5 supports some new functions, such as add various profiles from the same source file, set output file size by the Bitrate Calculator tool, create video from pictures, run in background, and so on.
  • Q2: How should I do to check the loaded file's information in the program?

    A: You need to highlight it first and click "Properties" item in the "File" menu. Then you can read the information of the file, such as Bit Rate, Frame Rate, in the pop-up dialog-box.
  • Q3: Where are the other settings like Frame Rate and Sample Rate appeared on the right of the main interface in the previous versions?

    A: On the top right, there is a button called "Advanced Profile Settings" beside the item "Profile Settings". An extendable panel will show other settings after clicking. You can set audio Bit Rate and Sample Rate, as well as other items there.
  • Q4: Can I edit the ID3 Tag information for the output files?

    A: If you select MP3 as output formats, you can edit the Tag information for the files. All the items of Tag information are also in the "Advanced Profile Settings".
  • Q5: How can I modify the settings on the right panel of the interface for my conversion job?

    A: Before you modify anything, you must highlight the file you want to convert in the program. Besides the values offered, you can also enter a number you want for the conversion of most output formats, such as audio Bit Rate, Sample Rate. Sometimes, it would be limited by the output format and other conditions.
  • Q6: Is it possible to save the profile with the modified settings as a new one for use next time?

    A: This can be done by the "Save As" button. After you finish the modifications, please click this button and finish other jobs following the instruction. After the profile is created, you can delete or rename it as you like.
  • Q7: How to avoid the short breaks during the output audio playback?

    A: Maybe you have set a smaller value for audio bit rate which is also on the "Advanced Profile Settings" panel. Please try larger one for it. Generally speaking, the default value we offer can assure a good result.
  • Q8: What does "Add Profile" mean?

    A: It is a new function in the Version 5. If you want to get the same source converted into multiple target files with different formats or different configurations, this function will help you. It will be activated after you highlight the loaded file. After clicking it, the title or chapter that you chose will be duplicated so that you can set different settings for each of them.
  • Q9: How can I know the most proper values for video and audio bit rate within the output size I expect?

    A: We have a small tool in the "Tools" menu, Bitrate Calculator. By this tool, you will get the proper values for video and audio Bit Rate respectively according to the output size you enter there. Once again, you must highlight the file that you want to convert first. The audio bit rate and video bit rate figured out will be shown in the relevant items on the right automatically after you click "OK".
  • Q10: What shall I do to transfer the output iPod/iPhone/Apple TV files into my iPod?

    A: Do you have iTunes installed? It is a must. Please download it from www.apple.com. The transfer can be done by this tool. If you are using iPod or iPhone, we recommend a specific program, Xilisoft iPod Rip. You can get to know it from http://www.xilisoft.com/ipod-rip.html.
  • Q11: Which profile is the best one for my 5.5G iPod?

    A: The most important feature for 5.5G iPod is that it can support 640x480 resolutions. So you'd better select the profile, named with "iPod Video2", the whole default settings all in 640x480, which will provide better output quality than other profiles.
  • Q12: Which one is better in the two kinds of MP4 output forms if I want to get better quality?

    A: As far as the output quality is concerned, H.264 would provide the best. But it is larger in output size and slower in the conversion speed. If you only want to get the better quality, you just need H.264 profiles.
  • Q13: How to choose the output video format from MP4 or MP4 AVC?

    A: If you only want to get the best quality, we recommend MP4 AVC format, which is in H.264 video codec. But the output size would be larger than others. Actually, MP4 format will be more proper in the file size and quality.